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Cheque Book Request
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To ensure good communication with our customers, we provide a channel to send you news or messages about our products & services.

After a successful logon, if you have messages, you will view the following underlined words e.g. You have 3 new Messages. Just click on the link and you can read the message(s).

The messages are shown by Posted Date. There is a status for each message either "NEW" or "READ". You can click one or more check box(es) next to the message and click "Delete" or "Delete All" at the bottom of page for deletion.


You are most welcome to let us know your suggestions about any of our Products & Services, which are grouped in the following categories for your easy reference:




1. Account

Time Deposit


2. Credit Cards

NetCard - VISA
NetCard - MasterCard
VISA / MasterCard Gold
VISA Platinum


3. ATM / ATM Card



4. Transfer

To registered accounts
To other accounts To
To a/cs in Other Banks (Macau)
To a/cs in Banks Overseas


5. BNU Online



6. Pay Bills

Tax Payment
University of Macau
Macau Polytechnic
Fundo A.S. Escolar


7. BNU Direct



8. Branch Services

First impression
Staff Grooming
Staff friendiness
Speed of service
Branch atmosphere
Responsiveness to enquires
Product / Service variety


9. Others


  1. Select from "Product" and then choose the "Type" you want. Type your suggestions in the "Message" box.
  2. Choose the Reply channel: BNU Online / Email. If you choose Email, select your Office / Home email in the list (if it exists in our records) or input Other email address. Click OK to complete.

This "Message" is only for communication between you and the Bank. For security reasons, any instructions related to financial transactions will not be accepted through this function.

Cheque Book Request

You can request a new cheque book by clicking "Cheque Book Request" in the top menu bar.

  1. Select your required Current or Overdraft account from the "Current Account" box.
  2. Enter the number of cheque books required in "Nr. of Books" (the maximum number of cheque books allowed is 10).
  3. In the "Pickup Branch", select the branch where you want to pick up the cheque book.
  4. A reference number is shown as acknowledgement of the transaction, independently of the transaction being accepted or not. Keep that number for your reference.

Change PIN

You may change your PIN using the "Change PIN function anytime you like. For security reasons, we strongly recommend you to change your PIN periodically.

  1. Click "Change PIN" in the top bar.
  2. You will be prompted to enter a new PIN.
  3. Re-enter the new PIN. Click OK to confirm.
  4. A reference number will be given for your reference.

The new PIN that you are going to input has to meet the following criteria:

  • Length: minimum 6 and maximum 10 numbers.
  • Possible values: "0" to "9".
  • No space or special character is allowed.
  • The new PIN input cannot be the same as the current PIN.

Contact Us

You can communicate with BNU any way you like. If you need to inquire about our products or if you have any comments or suggestions, here are some ways you can contact us:

  • Call our 24 hour customer service hotline 2833 5533

  • E-mail to for enquiry about our product offering

  • Call 3989617 for any comment or suggestion related to our customer service.

  • E-mail to for any   question related to the  operation of BNU Online 

  • Visit us at any of our branches

  • Write to us : 
    Banco Nacional Ultramarino, S.A.
    Av. Almeida Ribeiro 22 
    P.O. BOX  465

    You may also send an e-mail to our Chief Executive Officer at

  • FAQ

    We have grouped under the FAQ those questions that are more frequently asked by our customers. Please try our FAQ function.

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