Phishing Scam With FRAUDULENT BNU E-mail

Updated: 19/09/2019

Fraud attempts using fraudulent e-mails to illegally collect personal and confidential information from our Customers.

Some Customers may receive fraudulent e-mails, from a source not associated with BNU, asking to make log in (within 24 hours) at BNU Online Banking Page, in order to re-activate the security system of their online account, under threat of account suspension.

This is a SCAM!

BNU NEVER sends e-mails asking for personal information or requests for log in to re-activate BNU Online account.
BNU will not give deadlines of 24 hours for Customers' perform any type of action, let alone the use of threats.
BNU also do not suspend Online Banking accounts in such a frivolous way.

How to identify if it is a Phishing Scam?

1. Verify the e-mail sender and source: it must say "<BNU News>";

2. Verify the Links and URL: The real Online Banking English version URL is: “”; The real Link for our Website is: ;

3. Verify the text: Texts with inaccuracies and errors are, for sure, google translated.

4. In case you clicked on the link sent in the e-mail, you will notice that the below security advice pop-up doesn’t appear. BNU always have several different pop-ups displaying before you can access the Login fields. Also note that BNU use the Secure Protocol “HTTPS” and a bar in green must appear before the URL, which is the VeriSign Certificate.

If any doubt or any query, please do not hesitate to call our 24h Hotline: 2833 5533.