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Mobile Payments for Merchants

BNU merchants can now accept mobile payments through WeChat Pay via association with UePay as well as UnionPay QR Code.

Discover the advantages of accepting Mobile Payments! This service is now available through BNU for merchants of all types and sizes. Enjoy the increased client engagement and additional flexibility.

This is how Mobile Payments can help your business grow:

  • It’s mobile-friendly: Payments are made through mobile apps that are available for Apple and Android phones. No cards or cash is needed.
  • Low MDR: Commissions on Mobile Payments are generally lower than traditional card transactions.
  • Low waiting time at checkouts: Payments through mobile are quick and convenient.
  • Payment can be done in any location of the store: QR codes can be placed anywhere in the premises, such as next to restaurant tables, on bar counters or next to products on the store shelves. Wherever you think it’s convenient, that’s where they’ll be.
  • Immediate payment confirmation: As no signature is required, a confirmation can be as simple as inputting a PIN or scanning a finger.
  • Better customer experience leads to customer loyalty: More and more customers are technologically minded and are looking for the most convenient experience. By providing this payment method you will be exactly what they are looking for.
  • Keep record of your transactions: As transactions are done digitally, you will be able to easily keep records of all your transactions, improving bookkeeping and reducing backlogs of paper invoices and receipts.
  • Get an insight on customer spending: The transaction records will give you a better insight into your customers, such as what are their preferred purchases, how frequently they come back and what are the busiest times of the day.

And your customers love it as:

  • Everything is done in their mobile phone
  • It’s quick, easy and secure
  • It’s cashless and cardless
  • It works in stores and online
  • No sensitive information is shared
  • No signature required
Don’t wait any longer to join the Mobile Payments world, call our hotline now at 2833 5533!

If you, as an individual, would like to try this for yourself, please visit our Mobile Payments webpage for personal customers here.