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We are dedicated to offer you a customized financial solution by taking into consideration of fund utilization needs, repayment schedule, funding cost and type of currency you would prefer.

Business Loans

We finance investment in acquiring and installing manufacturing, transportation equipment or other fixed assets, with repayment schedules structured to match cash flow projections of clients, including those qualified the interest incentive scheme supported by the Government of Macau S.A.R.

Credit Lines

We also offer secured and unsecured credit lines with repayment schedules or through overdraft facilities that assist you in managing with flexibility of their working capital requirements or other financing needs. Interest rates can be indexed to prime rate or the interbank market rate.

Term Loans

We provide medium and long term loans, on a secured or unsecured basis to finance specific projects or the general corporate needs of our customers. Customers have the options to choose between fixed or variable interest rate indexed to the prime rate or the interbank market rate.

Project Finance

We advise customers on the credit structure that can best meet their project financing requirements.
For projects of sizeable amount we can arrange club deals or syndicated loan facilities.

Stand-by Facilities

To accommodate possible funding needs, we can also arrange credit facilities on a stand-by basis in order to meet customers’ foreseeable banking needs and to reduce customers’ funding costs.