General Charges

Discrepancy fee:

Discrepancy fee of MOP 500 (USD 60) flat will be charged for discrepancy item arisen for the Inward Bills paid under L/C.

Commision in lieu of exchange:

For both import and export transactions, we charge a commission in lieu of exchange for cases where a bill is settled in its same currency.

First MOP 400,000 or USD 50,000 - 1/4%
Amount thereafter - 1/8%
(min MOP 250)

Export document under LC checking fee

MOP 200 per bill & will be charged

Swift & Telex charges:

For  L/C Opening and Amendment (per Page)


Hong Kong


Asia, other than Hong Kong


Europe & USA




The above handling commissions are subject to change without prior notice.
To find out more, e-mail or call us to arrange for an in-depth discussion to tailor your financial needs.