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Trade Finance

BNU is recognized in providing trade finance services with high efficiency, flexibility, excellent service and prompt execution.

A complete range of import and export services is available at competitive pricing:

Documentary Credit

Riding on our experience in trade finance aspect, you can conduct your trading easily and safely by using our documentary credit.


Trust Receipt

We offer import loan facility to settle inward bills drawn under letter of credit or import collection bill. Besides, we also provide short-term loan for clients to meet import payment obligation based on proven and satisfactory documents.


Packing Loan

We offer pre-shipment advances to clients for preparation goods to be exported.


Negotiation of Export Documents

We provide advances by negotiating export document drawn under Letter of Credit or document against Payment / Acceptance.


Import/Export Bill for Collection

We provide intermediary services to both importers and exporters in documentary collection bills as well as assist in international settlement process.