History and Values


BNU was the first commercial bank in Macau in the early 20th century. The bank was entrusted with the important mission of creating and issuing the territory's own currency and contributed successfully and decisively to the creation and development of the local banking and monetary system. Nowadays, BNU retains its status as one of the issuing banks for the Government of the Macau Special Administrative Region.

For more than a century, BNU has supported local business activities. The knowledge and experiences acquired have been essential to bring success to our customers' businesses and projects in sectors such as real estate, retail, manufacturing, transportation, construction, public utilities and international trade. It also provides solutions to finance working capital trough either short or long term banking facilities. Furthermore, BNU provides a complete corporate online banking service through which you may perform your transactions as well as monitor closely your company accounts.

Being part of the CGD Group, one of the largest financial institutions with an extensive global network in 23 Countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, BNU combines local knowledge with international experience to offer you comprensive and innovative banking solutions.

In order to achieve our goal of being an efficient and customer friendly provider of consumer and corporate banking services and to contribute to the economic and social development of Macau we are dedicated:
  • To provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality of service;
  • To offer a range of products and services that constantly meet our customers’ requirements;
  • To offer alternative distribution channels by investing in new technologies;
  • To maintain our function of issuer of bank notes and agent of the Macau Treasury;
  • To provide adequate returns to our shareholder;
  • To offer attractive professional career, adequate training and good working environment to our employees;
  • To support to social activities especially those dedicated to help the most in need in the local community.


The activity of BNU and the conduct of its employees are guided by the following core values:

Accuracy, including objectivity, professionalism, technical competence and diligence, BNU always aims to achieve high levels of economical, financial, social and environmental quality and efficiency, through the adoption of the best banking and financial practices;
Transparency in the information delivered by BNU, in particular the terms and conditions of the products and services offered by the Bank, as well as from the organizational performance perspective, information is always presented with truth and clarity;

Security in deposit placements and investments, is an indispensable criteria in risk management, stability and soundness of the institution;

Responsibility on a personal and organizational level; BNU always seeks to avoid any potential negative impact. This attitude includes a socially responsible behaviour and commitment to sustainable development;

Integrity understood as the scrupulous compliance with legal, regulatory, contractual and ethical values, and with the principles of action adopted by the Bank;

Respect the assets entrusted, acting with courtesy, discretion and loyalty, as well as comply with the principles of non-discrimination, tolerance and equal opportunity.