Since 2003

  • Taking part in several loans for financing new projects in the tourism industry.


  • Launched “Quick & Simple” Car Loan, a low interest with affordable repayment and quick approval Car Loan.
  • Launched BNU Mobile Banking, customers could use WAP to conduct banking transactions.
  • Launched the first Platinum MOP VISA Credit Card in Macau.


  • Awarded the “Highest Card Sales Volume”, the “Highest Average Card Spending – Gold Card” and the “Best Issuer Fraud Control” by Visa International.
  • Awarded the “Highest Growth Rate in 2002 – Number of Cards in Macau” by MasterCard International.
  • Launched BNU World Cup MasterCard and BNU VISA Military Club Affinity Card, both credit cards.
  • Co-operated with Polytechnic Insitute of Macau for tuition fee payment through credit cards.
  • Installed an ATM at “Macau University of Science and Technology” (MUST).
  • Launched tax payment through BNU Online.
  • In celebrating BNU 100th Anniversary, offered double bonus point program for credit card spending during 15/09/2002 – 31/10/2002.


  • Launched BNU Online, our Internet banking service.
  • Launched Credit Pass, a personal loan package.
  • Launched BNU NetCard, a credit card for shopping online.
  • Awarded – “The best overall Bank” by Visa.
  • Awarded – “The first Maestro Implementation in Macau” by MasterCard.


  • First bank in Macau issuing Maestro Card, a debit card that can be used in over 80 countries.
  • BNU ATM network accepts major international credit and debit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, Cirrus, Electron and Plus.
  • Introduced magnetic stripe savings passbook and installed automatic passbook update machines at all branches.


  • Set up a network of merchant acquiring business and was the first bank in Macau to launch Corporate VISA Card.
  • Initiated and further developed a Customer Care Program.
  • Replaced retail banking computer system.


  • Set up credit card center and put into operation in the same year.
  • First bank in Macau providing Combined Account Statements and Dual Function Cards to customers.


  • Set up call center service. Awarded by Visa “The Most Visa Affinity / Co-branded Program Award”.


  • Launched BNU Direct, the 24-hours phone banking service.
  • Replacement of the Core Retail Banking System.


  • First bank in Macau launching MOP denominated credit card – BNU MOP VISA card.