BNU First Savings

This is a product  specially designed for young people up to 21 years old, allowing you to entitle loans to pursue your studies, namely school fees loans, as well as an ATM Card to start managing your financials.

Once you reach 21 years old, the account will be converted into a normal Statement Savings Account.

To manage the account on your own, you need to:

  • be older than 16 and are working or,
  • be more than 18 years old or,
  • be emancipated.
If you do not fulfill (at least) one of the above requirements, your account will be managed jointly with a legal representative, until you reach one of the conditions.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Interest rates higher than that of regular savings account;
  • Monthly interest payment;
  • Exemption of management fees;
  • ATM card offer;
  • Combined monthly statement;
  • Possible grant of loan corresponding to 50 times the average balance of the saving account/time deposit account during the past 12 months but with a maximum of up to MOP 30,000.

What is the initial deposit for account opening?

MOP/HKD 500.