current accounts

What is the advantage of a current account?

A current account is the best option when you need to perform frequent account movements,  such as debits credits or transfers.

In which currencies can I open a current account?

Pataca (MOP), Hong Kong dollar (HKD) and US dollar (USD).

Can I have a chequebook for my current account?

BNU offers you a personalized chequebook for your current account. Personal cheques are also available through our ATM at our Main Branch (3 cheques per request). Please note that US dollar accounts have no chequebook.You may order your chequebook through our ATM network, Internet Banking Service, or BNU direct. For more details, please contact 28 33 55 33.

What is the minimum opening amount?

The minimum amount to open an account is MOP1,000 or equivalent.

How can I access my account?

Using your ATM card you can make withdrawals, transfers and bill payments at any of our ATM machines throughout Macau and Taipa. At BNU counters you can make deposits, withdrawals, transfers and payments.
Through BNU Online, our Internet banking service you can make transfers and bill payment and see your account movements and statement.
You can also use your personalized cheques anytime you need to make a payment.

How can I monitor my account movements?

Through the statement we send you by mail monthly.Through BNU Online, where you can see the last three months of your account movements and download you e-statement, a greener alternative to the paper statement, which you can subscribe online.

How can I open a current account?

Simply visit any of our branches and bring your identification document and a utility bill.