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One Product, Many Benefits!

Receive your salary through BNU and get a complete package of services and benefits.

When you receive your payroll through BNU, you can apply for an “Easy Payroll / Easy Cash” account. It’s a very simple and easy process, a practical and flexible way to access credit through our ATM network, 24 hours a day. This credit facility can reach up to two times your salary.

Services Included

By joining the “Easy Payroll / Easy Cash” account, you can access the following services:
  • BNU Statement Savings Account;
  • Easy Cash Account. An easy to apply, easy to use revolving credit that provides employees with up to two months salary;
  • BNU direct, a 24 hours automated telephone banking service;
  • Annual credit card fee waived;
  • 5% discount on subscribing any BNU Insurance Plan;
  • 0.5% average discount on buying any Investment Funds sold through BNU Branches;
  • Autopay Services (BNU VISA & MASTERCARD, AMEX card, CEM, CTM, SAAM, CSM,Mobil and Caltex gas).

Documents required to open an account:

When opening the account, you should provide the following documents:
  • ID document (either BI, BIR, or Passport);
  • Declaration stating the intention to transfer the payroll to BNU;
  • Income proof or tax statement;(Only to  apply Easy Cash A/C);
  • Proof of residency (copy of an utility bill, only to apply for Easy Cash a/c).