passbook savings Account

What is the advantage of a passbook savings account?

A passbook savings allows you to constantly monitor your account movements by simply updating your passbook at the updating machines installed at our branches, while gaining interest on you balance (interested is accrued daily and credited monthly).

In which currencies can I open a passbook savings account?

Pataca (MOP), Hong Kong dollar (HKD) and US dollar (USD) and Renminbi (CNY). For accounts in Renminbi, please see additional details here.

What is the minimum opening amount?

The minimum amount to open an account is MOP100 or equivalent.

How can I access my account?

Using your Passbook you can make withdrawals, transfers and bill payments at any of our ATM machines located in Macau and Taipa. At BNU counters you can make deposits, withdrawals, transfers and payments. Through BNU Online, our Internet banking service you can make transfers and bill payment and see your account movements and statement.

How can I monitor my account movements?

Through your updated passbook. Through BNU Online, where you can see the last three months of your account movements.

How can I open a passbook savings account?

Simply visit any of our branches and bring your identification document and a utility bill.