Make the Most of Your Money

We offer time deposits in all the main currencies for you to save for the future safely. You can select a time deposit that best suits your needs in terms of currency and maturity.


What is the advantage of a time deposit?

A time deposit allows you to generate an income from your savings without any risk being involved.

In which currencies can I have a Time deposit?

Time deposits are available in Pataca (MOP), Hong Kong dollar (HKD), US dollar (USD) and other foreign currencies (please see table at the bottom for details). Times deposits are also availabe in Renminbi (CNY), please see additional details here.

What is the minimum opening amount?

The minimum amount to open a time deposit depends on the currency (please see table at the bottom for details).

What is the term for a time deposit?

Time deposits can be 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year (please see table at the bottom for details).

How can I make and withdraw my time deposit?

You can make and withdraw your time deposit at any of our counters or through BNU Online.

Are there any requirements to open a time deposit?

Before you place a time deposit, you need to open a current or savings account in BNU, in Pataca (MOP), Hong Kong dollar (HKD), US dollar (USD).

How can I open a time deposit?

Simply visit any of our branches and bring your identification document and a utility bill.

Summary Table for Time Deposits:

 Currency 7 Days  1 to 6 Months 
MOP / HKD 50,000  5,000
USD 4,000  2,000
EUR  4,000  2,000
JPY  900,000  900,000 
GBP  5,000  500
AUD  14,000  1,400 
NZD  17,000  1,700
CAD 11,000  1,100 
CHF  12,000  1,200