Twin Account

The Twin Accounts feature allows you to link one Current account - with cheques, but without interests - to one Savings Account, where you can earn some interests.
  • Excess funds in Current account will be automatically transferred to Savings account;
  • Funds required maintaining Current account balance will automatically be transferred from Savings account in real time mode;
  • Withdrawals from Current account are debited from funds in Savings account.

What type of currencies can I open a current account?

Pataca (MOP) and Hong Kong dollar (HKD).

What is the initial and minimum deposit opening amount?

You need to hold a minimum balance of MOP/HKD 2,000 in your Current Account to have and maintain this service.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Perform withdrawals from the Current Account with funds in the Savings Account;
  • Earning higher interest income;
  • Cheques use for payments.