BNU Online / Mobile Banking

Making life easier. Your bank at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

By subscribing BNU Online/Mobile Banking, BNU Internet Banking service, you will have direct access to a large range of financial services, around the clock and wherever you are, available for computer or mobile devices.

Account Enquiry

  • View in one page a summary of all your accounts and select to show the equivalent amount either in MOP, HKD, USD or EUR. You also can download this summary page in an Excel file and print or save it to your PC.
  • Check the balances and transactions of all your BNU accounts and Credit Cards up to 3 months. You can specify a date range or transaction type and view the required transactions. You can also download this page in an Excel file and print or save it to your PC.
  • Request and view Online Statements of your credit cards, current, savings, time or loan accounts, as well as your combined statements.


  • Transfer funds to your accounts or third party accounts with BNU as well as to accounts in other Banks in Macau and overseas.
  • Buy and sell foreign currency.
  • Save your accounts’ details and remittance instructions for added convenience next time you make a similar transaction.

Bill Payment

Pay Credit Cards, taxes and bills – telephone, electricity, water and others.
Save a frequently paid bill or credit card, so that you can conveniently make a similar payment next time you need.
Add and change Autopay Instructions online.

Time Deposits

Place and withdraw time deposits.
List all your Time Deposits by Maturity Date or Currency and choose to view them in equivalent amount either in MOP, HKD, USD or EUR. You can also view and save these balances in an Excel file.

Credit Cards

Check the balance, transactions and other information of your BNU credit card and pay your BNU credit card online.


  • Request checkbooks in a secure way.
  • Change your Password.


  • Change your Personal Information, Professional Information and your Personal Preferences.
  • View your pre-defined Maximum Daily Limits and your Current Limits.
  • Select the accounts that you wish to appear in BNU Online.
  • Name each account in your BNU Online list for easier identification of the account when you perform Account Enquiry or a financial transaction.
  • Check BNU’s most updated deposit rates and foreign exchange rates.