AmErican eXpress

The BNU American Express® Gold Card introduces a world of privileges, year-round offers and travel, leisure, dining and shopping advantages.

You can enjoy the worldwide network, insurance and security that come with this internationally-recognized card.

Your Gold Card ensures that you are protected 24-hours all year-round. If your Gold Card is lost or stolen, you can simply call BNU hotline 2833 5533 (or make a collect call on 853-2838 9198) and the Bank can arrange replacement and other services for your peace of mind.

Whether you’re buying street food from a market in Thailand or bargaining for a souvenir in a Marrakech souk, it’s always handy to have cash. With American Express, you have access to 1.2 million ATMs worldwide. Simply visit to see where your nearest ATMs at any time, worldwide.

The BNU American Express Gold Card offers an exceptional degree of flexibility, combining extended interest-free terms with variable credit limits to suit your budget and other benefits. You can enjoy up to 56 days interest-free before payment is due on an outstanding balance.


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“American Express is a registered trademark of American Express”.
“This card is issued by BNU - Banco Nacional Ultramarino pursuant to a license from American Express.”