visa CESL Asia

Making Better Future Together

In the year 2000 CESL Asia, an enterprise based in Macau, established the CESL Asia Social Investment Fund (CSI), a non-profit fund with a mission to actively help the poor and needy in our communities.

On this basis, in partnership with BNU, CESL Asia works together with every cardholder to foster social development at a regional level.

The more you use, the more you are helping the people who are most in need in Macau.

Card Privileges:

Bonus Points Scheme = Conversion to Money

When using your Credit Card, for each Pataca – MOP 1.00 – that you spend, you gain one bonus point. These points will then be converted to money and credited to your card in the proportion of 200 Bonus points: MOP 1.00.

Repayment by Installments

Our bank provides flexible installment scheme. Please apply at the merchants or by calling 2833 5533.

Flexible Repayment Scheme

You can choose minimum payment or full payment. If you settle card payment in full, you can enjoy long as 56 days of interest free period.

24-hour Customer Service

Providing excellent service to our Credit Card clients is the top priority for BNU. We are one of the few banks in Macau that assures 24-hour customer service hotline a day.

Diverse Payment Channel Options

Our bank provides various flexible payment channels, by Autopay, through BNU Online, by BNU Direct (Phone Banking), at a BNU ATM, Jetpayment, mailing cheque or visiting one of our branches.

How to apply for the CESL Asia Credit Card:

The application form can be sent by mail or placed in one of the secured Drop Boxes located in all BNU Branches.

Documents Required:

  • ID/BIR/Passport, including those of any supplementary applicants;
  • Proof of Residence, for example, telephone or water bill;
  • To facilitate the assessment of the application, and to assist in assigning the appropriate credit limit, it is appreciated that clients provide copies of their statement of income declaration.
All the applicants must live and work in Macau and be over 18 years of age.

For any enquiries, please contact our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline on 2833 5533.