BNU Credit Card & BNU American Express ® Gold Card Benefits

BNU Credit Card Benefits

Appreciate the finer things of life!

BNU provides a wide range of exclusively special offers for BNU Cardholders.
As BNU Credit Cardholder, you will enjoy amazing benefits, including:

  • "BNU Life" program – offers you exceptional value and privileges in travel, leisure, dining and shopping. Every quarter, new merchants are offering you discounts and privileges, when paying with your BNU Credit Card. (to know more about this offers, click here);
  • Attractive global offers – As regularly announced by email, wherever you find yourself, you will enjoy exceptional travel, leisure, dinning and shopping advantages;
  • Cash bonus points – credited into your account, on a quarterly basis. You may earn up to 0.5% of your spending in return of cash rebate to your credit card account. The more you spend, the more you receive;
  • Access to Airport Lounges – As our Platinum principle cardholder, you will enjoy conditional free access to over 600 VIP lounges worldwide. (to know more about PriorityPass click here);
  • e-Statement – To encourage the environmental protection, BNU is fully supporting to reduce the paper consumption and transform into electronic information to communicate with customers;
  • Variable credit limit – Changing your credit limit is as easy as making a phone call. Life presents opportunities when we least expect it. Cardholders can grasp these opportunities when they arise, with a option of a temporary credit limit upgrade by simply calling our 24-hour hotline on 2833 5533;
  • Repayment flexibility – You may choose not pay full settlement to your Card. You may pay any amount between the minimum payment amount (3% of the statement balance or MOP100) and the entire statement balance;
  • Debit by Installments – Make payments to merchants by installment with your BNU Credit card. Call our service hotline for details or contact the merchant directly. Or even after the purchase is made, you may request BNU to pay certain expenses by installments:
    • Quick Steps for Applying Credit Card Installment Plan:
      • Pay with any BNU Credit Card
      • Contact BNU Authorization Room (Hotline 2835-5399) and request to pay targeted expenses by installments.
      • BNU Authorization Room should return call to you with a decision in 15 minutes.
      • Request is applicable to retail transactions (cash advance or casino chips, autopay, fees and charges are excluded) between MOP 2,000 and 60,000 and must be made at least five business days before the payment due date of the card statement.
      • For detailed information and in order to apply you must read carefully and accept the General Terms and Conditions for the Program that are available here.
  • Up to 56 days interest-free – You can enjoy up to 56 days interest-free before payment is due on outstanding balance (minimum 26 days, depending on transaction date);
  • Around-the-clock service – Any time you need assistance, we are at your service. Just call our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline on 2833 5533;
  • Card replacement – Rest assured that if you lose your Card, we can arrange for its prompt replacement. Simply call the 24-hour hotline on 2833 5533;



BNU American Express ® Gold Card

The BNU American Express Gold Card introduces a world of privileges, year-round offers and travel, leisure, dining and shopping advantages.

You can enjoy the worldwide network, insurance and security that come with this internationally-recognized card.

Apart from the privileges extended to all BNU Credit Card holders, you can also enjoy the following American Express benefits:

  • Cash bonus points – credited into your account, on a quarterly basis. You may earn 0.75% of your spending in Macau and 1% of your spending overseas in return of cash rebate to your credit card account;
  • Travel and insurance services – Comprehensive and complimentary travel insurance. Simply charge your airline tickets, hotel bills and other expenses to your Card to enjoy this complementary coverage, which extends to loss of deposit, accidents, travel inconvenience insurance, as well as overseas accident hospital cash insurance;
  • Attractive global offers – Wherever you find yourself, from Macau to New York, China, Japan, London and beyond, you will enjoy exceptional travel, leisure, dinning and shopping advantages.  For more details, visit;
  • Product insurance – Every purchase you make with your Card, regardless of location, is automatically insured against damage or theft;
  • Worldwide access to cash – Your card is warmly welcomed around the world at millions of establishments displaying the American Express logo. You can make a cash advance through any of our 480,000 ATMs worldwide;