UnionPay Triple Currency – MOP/ HKD/ CNY

Your First Triple Currency Credit Card!

BNU UnionPay Triple Currency Credit card allows you to spend in Macau, Hong Kong and China and settled in MOP, HKD and CNY respectively.

Furthermore, foreign transaction fee on local currency spendings in all other overseas countries are waived.

BNU UnionPay Triple Currency Card is the ultimate credit card for frequent travellers to Hong Kong, China as well as overseas countries. It is now available in three variants – Platinum, Gold and Classic UnionPay Card.


  • Waiver of Foreign Transaction Fee: Foreign transaction fee is waived for payment made in the local currency when you spend overseas.
  • No Worries on the Exchange Rate Flutuation on CNY: For those who frequently travel to Mainland China, you can enjoy the flexibility of paying the card spending in CNY, whithout worrying about the exchange rate conversion.
  • Simple and Convenient Repayment: Allows you to settle the card spending in MOP, HKD and CNY card accounts separately.
  • Enjoy Online Shopping: You can enjoy online shopping with your card anytime anywhere.
  • Enjoy BNU Life Merchant Discount Offers: “BNU Life" program offers you exceptional value and privileges in travel, leisure, dining and shopping. Every quarter, new merchants are added, offering you discounts and privileges, when you pay with your BNU Credit Card.
  • Cash Bonus Points: Bonus points are automatically credited into your account, on a quarterly basis. You may earn up to 0.5% of your spending in terms of cash rebate to your credit card account. The more you spend, the more you earn.

For any enquiries, please contact BNU Direct (24/7 Hotline) on 2833 5533.