EMV Certified MasterCard DEBIT CARD

BNU has been committed to improve the quality of its products and services to ensure that our Customers are at the forefront of technology, with the most advanced and secured cards in the market. The new BNU EMV certified Debit MasterCard Card improves your shopping experience, by adopting new technologies such as EMV Chip Technology, Overseas Activation and Auto-Switching.

EMV Chip Technology

This technology replaces the use of the magnetic strip by a chip. It represents a step forward as it improves security against fraud and enables faster transactions.

How to use? 

Retail payments will be validated by the PIN (Personal Identification Number) or by the Signature.


The use of the PIN turns your transactions safer and the utilization of the chip makes it more difficult for unauthorized reading and copying of the card data.

More reliable:

The chip being more durable does not deteriorate like the magnetic strip. The cards will continue however to be issued with the magnetic strip and signature panel to allow the global card acceptance, in case the merchants have not accepted yet the EMV agreement and the functionality of the chip is not available.Always keep your PIN confidential. You can change it anytime at the ATM terminals.

Overseas Activation

Before you leave Macau, you will be required to activate the feature for overseas transactions. You can activate them through different channels: in BNU ATM or Macau Jetco ATM (for overseas ATM cash withdrawal only), and through BNU Branches and Call Center (Tel: 28335533), for both overseas ATM cash withdrawal and retail transactions. It can be a temporary activation, if a limit date is set, or a permanent one. The Overseas Activation will increase the security of your card when used abroad.


This new feature allows the same card to be linked up to 3 different accounts. If one does not have enough balance, the transaction (purchases and overseas ATM cash withdrawals) can still be done, by using the balance of the other account(s).

The new BNU EMV certified Debit MasterCard Card is linked to cardholders’ bank accounts, where funds are directly deducted from their accounts instead of a credit line. Cardholders can pay with their cards directly while enjoying the same benefits, convenience, worldwide acceptance and security of their credit cards.

Backed by MasterCard’s global acceptance network, the card allows cardholders to pay online or directly at worldwide acceptance locations with more than a million ATMs in over 210 countries for cash withdrawal.