FAQ - Credit Card

Where can I use my credit card?

You can use your BNU Credit Card anywhere in the world.

What transactions can I do with my credit card?

You can pay for your purchases in over 12 million shops all over the world and also make cash advance worldwide in the VISA and Master network and locally in JETCO network or at any BNU counter. After you receive your BNU Visa, a Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be sent to you?in fourteen days. With this PIN and your BNU Credit Card, you can obtain cash at all Visa/ MasterCard and Jetco terminals.

Cash advance under your credit card can be made at:

  • all BNU Macau branches;
  • all banks with Visa or PLUS logo (for BNU Visa)/MasterCard or Cirrus logo (for BNU MasterCard);
  • A 3% or minimum MOP30 Cash Advance Fee and a 2.5% monthly interest will be charged to your Card account if you use this service.

Can I have a supplementary card?

We understand you would like to share the exclusive privileges and security of your BNU Credit Card with someone you care. You can choose to share your limit with spouse, parents, children, brothers and sisters, or you can have separate limit for their card accounts as a supplementary cardholder (aged over 16 years). All purchases made with a Supplementary Card will be shown separately in your card account statement.

How can I repay for my expenses?

BNU offers a flexible payment scheme and diversified payment channels: by cash or cheque at any BNU branch, by Autopay and Flexipay, through BNU Online, Phone Banking (28335533) or BNU ATMs. The minimum monthly payment is only 3% of the outstanding balance. In addition, you can enjoy up to 8 weeks interest free.

Do I get any benefits from using my BNU Credit Card?

INSTALLMENT PROGRAMS – BNU offers you a variety of installment programs at selected merchants, so that you can make your dreams come true earlier.
BONUS POINTS – BNU offers you the easiest and most convenient bonus points reward program through which you receive your bonus points in cash.
INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY SERVICES – (BNU Credit Card Gold or Platinum): assistance in ticket booking, baggage claim, medical help, legal translation, credit card immediate replacement and cash withdrawal will be provided with a simple phone call.

Should I need assistance, what number can I call?

In case you have any doubts or question you can call our 24 hours Customer Service at 28 335 533. For worldwide emergency support? you can call Visa Emergency Assistance Service or Mastercard Emergency Assistance Service.

Is buying with my credit card safe?

Your credit card comes with high security protection features, such as chip and lost card protection.

What other features does my credit card have?

As an added service, you can even use your credit card account as the Autopay account to pay for your electricity bill.

How can I apply for a BNU credit card?

Click here to apply online for a BNU Credit Card if you are a resident of Macau, over 18 years, with an annual income of at least MOP 50,000, or simply visit any of our branches and bring the following documents:
  • ID/BIR/Passport;
  • Last three months bank account statement;
  • The latest payroll slip or professional tax slip;
  • Copy of the commercial registration certificate if your are self employed or are a partner in any company;
  • Proof of residence (e.g. latest copy of electricity bill or bank account statement).