Cash withdrawals around the world

Make cash withdrawals and manage your bank accounts through BNU and JETCO networks.
Cash withdrawals in local currency through the UnionPay network in China and more than 98 countries around the world. Foreign currency is easily obtainable in advance.

Payment convenience and peace of mind wherever you are

Make payments through UnionPay’s merchant Point-of-sale (POS) terminals in China, Macau, Hong Kong and more than 67 countries around the world. Make payments with ease, without the risk associated with carrying a large sum of cash.
To provide you with extra protection, with every transaction the card owner must enter a personalized PIN.

Automatic Switching allows you to enjoy greater flexibility

With a maximum three accounts on one card with the Automatic Switching function, you can avoid the situation whereby you have insufficient funds in your card account.
The Automatic Switching service allows direct debits from a Patacas account for transactions made in Macau, a Hong Kong dollar account for transactions made in Hong Kong and a Renminbi account for transactions made in mainland China. For overseas withdrawal and expenditure, debit will be made from the sequence of Patacas account, Hong Kong Dollar account and Renminbi account.

For enquiries, please call 2833 5533.


Only for ATM with Jetpayment function