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Central Provident Fund

BNU is the distributor of this product. The funds are managed by Fidelidade – Insurance Company Limited (Life).

Non-Mandatory Central Provident Fund (CPF) System has been launched in 2018. You can set up an individual plan with Fidelidade Life and invest in authorized fund(s). Fidelidade Life provides you with the utmost quality of service and assists you in achieving your retirement objectives with Fidelidade Life’s elite portfolio of funds.

You may transfer your Government-managed sub-account balance to the Individual Provident Fund Scheme, and subscribe the selected pension funds.

You can withdraw from the retirement account at the age of 65 or when you fulfill the criteria in Article 19 in Law No. 7/2017.


  • Monthly contributions from MOP500 to MOP3,100
  • Wide selection of funds available
  • Conveniently monitor and manage your funds online
  • Management fee only 1% p.a., collected from fund directly
  • No subscription, switching and redemption fee


Who can set up?
  • Individuals, who are Macau residents and reached the age of 18, can set up the Scheme for him/herself.
  • If the Individual has not reached the age of 18, but is already enrolled in the social security system in accordance with Article 10(1)(a) of Law No. 4/2010.
How to set up?
  • Contact BNU for the application documents, and Fidelidade Life will help to submit the documents to Social Security Fund.
What are the costs?
  • The Individual shall decide on the amount of monthly contribution, which minimum is MOP500 and maximum is MOP3,100. Contribution amount has to be in multiples of one hundred, for example, MOP600, MOP700, etc.
  • Management fee charged by Fidelidade Life will be collected from the Pension Fund directly. The value of each unit price shall already reflect such charge. Currently, the management fee is 1% p.a.
What are the benefits?
  • Help to prepare for retirement needs.
  • Allow flexibility in utilizing money in Government-managed sub-account to invest in Pension Funds selected by the Individual.


For Fund Details and Fund Performance, please visit Fidelidade website.

The above information is for reference only.  For details, please refer to the Funds’ Management Regulations.