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“EasySecure” Personal Accident Insurance

This insurance product is underwritten by Fidelidade Macau – Insurance Company Limited and distributed by BNU.

Accident happens, anytime anywhere! Minor accidents might cause you financial loss that is merely negligible. However, when running into serious accidents, you and your beloved family might have to face unexpected financial difficulties. Without proper preparation, what is the solution for you and your family?

Fidelidade Macau understands your need and introduces Personal Accident Insurance, “EasySecure”, as your solution. You can enjoy a comprehensive protection for accidents for as low as $1.70# a day! Subscription is simple. Simply fill in the application form and the policy will take effect immediately. Subscribe now to enjoy comprehensive insurance in an easy way.

# Calculated based on Plan 1 with Individual Coverage and annual premium payment.


  • Simple Application & Easy Payment Method
  • 24-hour Worldwide Personal Accident Protection
  • Double Indemnity while in Public Common Carrier
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Extra Discount for Annual Premium Payment


The death or permanent disablement benefits will be doubled up if accident occurred when the insured travels in any private vehicle or travelling as a fare-paying passenger in any public carriers such as bus, taxi, ferry, airplane, etc.


EasySecure will reimburse both inpatient and non-inpatient medical expenses for bodily injury due to an accident.


If the insured suffers Second or Third Degree Burns on either 30% or more of total body surface or 50% or more of total facial surface, a benefit will be payable according to the compensation table specified in policy schedule.


EasySecure protects against legal liability in the event of the insured causing third party bodily injury or property damage.


Just fill in the application form and the policy will be effective immediately. No medical examination is required and you can save your time! You can choose to pay your premium with your BNU credit card. If you opt to pay the premium monthly, it will be deducted from your BNU credit card account. If you opt to pay the premium annually, you will receive 10% extra discount on premium!


^ If the insured is left-handed, the amount of benefit shall be reversed.


  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Suicide, attempted suicide or self-inflicted injuries
  • Intoxication of alcohol or drugs
  • Drunk driving
  • Engaging in a sport in a professional capacity or could earn income from engaging in such sport
  • Air travel except as a fare-paying passenger
  • Engaging in dangerous sports or activities
  • Engaging in duty with the disciplinary service
  • Accidents occurring at work for certain occupations
  • War or warlike operations
  • Any kind of sickness or HIV related illness
  • Nuclear reactions, radiations and contaminations
  • Chemical or biological substances which are not used for peaceful means
  • Act of Terrorism


1.Must be settled by BNU credit card.
2.Premium is inclusive of 10% annual premium discount.
3.Insured Age: 18 to 65 years old, renewable up to aged 70.
4.Child(ren) of the insured aged from 6 months to 17.


If no claim has been made in the period of insurance, the insured is entitled to 10% no claim premium discount at annual renewal. This no claim discount can be accumulated up to 20%.
  • No claim in preceding year: 10%
  • No claim in preceding two years: 15%
  • No claim in preceding three years or more: 20%

The above information is for reference only.  For a complete description of terms and conditions, please refer to the policy.