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A complete home financing solution tailored to your needs

Buying a house is probably one of the biggest investments you will ever make. You may need professional financial advice to ensure you put in place a financing plan that is most beneficial to you. BNU provides the comprehensive home financing solution tailored to your particular needs and financial position. Regardless you are acquiring your first property, upgrading your present home, applying for an overdraft or refinancing, BNU is here to make your dream comes true.

Very competitive loan to value ratio

In accordance with your financial needs and the property’s valuation, BNU can provide a flexible loan amount so as to ensure your plan comes trues.

Preferential interest rate and flexible payment options

Our bi-weekly repayment scheme allow you to save interest expense and shorten repayment period.

* Penalty applied on partial and early full settlement. For details, please contact our customer service representative.

Extra long repayment period

Loan maturity can be up to the age 65 of the borrower.


Personal Loan: If the costs of the legal fees or home renovation expense are higher than expected, you can count on BNU.
Refinancing: Maximum loan amount can be up to 70% of property valuation less the existing outstanding loan amount.
Overdraft: Maximum short term financing can be up to 70% of property valuation less the existing outstanding loan amount. 

How to apply for a Housing Loan

Fill in a housing loan application form (available on the left column) and submit it with the following documents to any one of our BNU branches:
  • Copy of applicant(s) Personal Identification Document;
  • Copy of Income Proof; 
  • Copy of "Purchase and Sale Agreement " signed between the applicant and seller.
  • Company Search from the Land Registry Bureau of Macau SAR and BNU can handle it with a fee of MOP30.

For a Social Housing, contact us for our specific conditions.