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Motorcycle Loan

Fast Credit Approval!

It is an individual loan with easy application and we are committed to notify you the approval within 24 hours; it is designated for applicants who are looking for purchasing a new or used motorcycle and want to repay it by instalments.

Loan Amount:

Up to MOP/HKD 150,000 or 100% of the purchase price of the motorcycle

Repayment Period:

Up to 3 years

How to apply:

Fill out an application form (available in our Branches) and return it to any one of our BNU branches with the following documents in attach:

  • Copy of the Personal Identification Document (e.g. ID Card);
  • Copy of Driving License;
  • Employment and Income Proof (e.g. copy of Payroll Slip);
  • Copy of latest 3 months' Bank Statement;
  • Address Proof, (e.g. copy of Utility Bill);
  • Temporary Sales & Purchase Agreement of the Motorcycle.