Wedding Loan

Get a Loan for your Dream Wedding!

Your wedding should be one of the most special days in your life and BNU knows it!
That’s why we provide an individual loan with the purpose of financing wedding expenditures, namely:

  • Wedding Banquet and Decor;
  • Wedding Cake;
  • Photo taking;
  • Hairstyle;
  • Buying / rental of wedding dresses;
  • Buying / rental of wedding accessories;
  • ..and of course: Honeymoon Trip!!
You can apply it once and a credit line will be granted which entitles a multiple of successive loans to use up to the limit granted.

Loan Amount:

Up to MOP / HKD 550,000.


Up to 60 months.

Interest Rate:

Up to Prime + 2.5%.


  • Minimum salary – MOP/HKD 10.000;
  • Working for at least three months in the same company;
  • Contract duration with a minimum of 12 months;
  • No history of default in BNU;
  • A statement of intention to get married within 12 months or Marriage Certificate if the couple has registered no longer ago than 12 months.

How to apply for a BNU Wedding Loan:

  • Documents requested together with application form:
    • Copy of valid Macau Identification Card or other valid Identification Documents;
    • Income Proof (e.g. copy of the Payroll Slip);
  • When the loan is disbursed, you shall need to submit the invoices or other documentation (agreement for the banquet or travel booking) that justifies the amount to be credited into your BNU account.