Banknotes in Circulation Issued by BNU

Banco Nacional Ultramarino S.A. issued the first banknotes in Macau in 1905, three years after the Bank opened its first branch in the Territory.

Since then the political and economic landscape of Macau has deeply changed moving steadily towards a more developed economy and a more stable and sophisticated banking system.

The area of means of payment is certainly one where technological innovation was most felt bringing convenience and reduced costs to both individuals and companies.

The quality of the notes produced, with the introduction of new security features and printing techniques, has dramatically improved. Besides, a new array of means of payment has greatly facilitated the daily life of Macau residents.

Banco Nacional Ultramarino is in the forefront of progress and innovation in Macau providing, among other things, credit and debit cards that can be used all over the world for purchases and withdrawal of money and an Internet banking service that allows its customers to pay utility bills, credit cards and taxes on-line as well as transfer funds.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of our presence in Macau, we are pleased to offer this on-line exhibition, in Chinese, Portuguese and English, based on a catalog published in 1987 (1) and a book published in 1997 (2) for the occasion of the inauguration of BNU new building in Macau.

We hope that you will find information that otherwise would be difficult to obtain and that it will enhance the knowledge of those interested in history of banknotes issued in Macau.

Please rest assured that BNU will spare no effort to continue providing the public in general with efficient banking services thus honouring the confidence that our community has entrusted us upon in over our first 100 years in Macau.

Banco Nacional Ultramarino S.A.


Banco Nacional Ultramarino wishes to thanks the following organizations granting the copyright of using the text and pictures from the following catalogue:

(1) "Moedas de Macau" - The Civic and Municipal Affair Bureau of the Government of Macau SAR. "Currency of Macao" - The Hong Kong Museum of History of the Government of HKSAR.

(2) "Issues of Banknotes by the Banco Nacional Ultramarino for Macao" - Chaves Ferreira Publicações, SA.